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There’s no end to the useful websites you can find on the Internet. There’s help available for everyone and everything on the Internet to facilitate our lives one way or another. If nothing else, the Internet is the hub of modern entertainment. Most of us browse the Internet more than we watch TV or read a newspaper.

According to research, 57% of global media consumption is attributed to the Internet. While TV viewers are a mere 23% in comparison.

And while that says enough about how crucial the webscape is for modern humans, the fact that there’s no limit to the adventures you can find on the Internet makes it all the better.

You’ll find that the net is full of weird, useless, but very fun websites that have spawned right out of the innovation and creativity of the human brain. And while the list is vast, we’ve selected 10 examples of the best useless websites to keep you occupied.

Some of these websites are downright hilarious, while others are interesting in their own respect. In other respects, the absurdity of these websites screams useless. Nevertheless, these websites are worth checking out if you’ve got time to spare.

1. Neal.fun

Neal.fun is a “tiny website” made by Neal Agrawal. Although a useless website, it is a fun website with interesting graphics and creative ideas. You can find a bunch of games and informative pieces on the websites, such as Internet Artefacts, Earth Reviews, Life Stats, and a lot more.

The website is a great place if you’ve got an hour or two to kill. You might even find some interesting things to learn. As interesting as the website is, it doesn’t really serve a purpose, making it one of the best useless websites on the Internet.

2. Ducks Are The Best

Here’s a website that’s as useless as it gets. If not for our partiality for the ducks, the website might not have made it so high on the list.

The website is very simple. And it’s so useless, we can describe it in one line.

When you move your mouse over the screen, it spawns ducks. That’s it.

Every time you reload the page, though, keep an eye on the title of the page, as it is often a very interesting but useless title.

The website won’t help you kill more than 15 seconds, but if you want to witness the epitome of a charming but useless website on the Internet, be our guest and visit the website.

3. TheUselessWeb.com

The name says it all. We’re glad that the creators were so straightforward with their names.

If you’re looking for many absurd and useless websites, TheUselessWeb can help you. The website takes you to useless websites, some of which are projects of TheUselessWeb itself.

So while the website itself is useful in that it helps you find a useless website, we still consider the total outcome to be rather pointless.

As an example, some of the websites that are a project of TheUselessWeb and where you’re likely to be redirected are The Long Doge Challenge, Mondrian and Me, and Jackson Pollock, which turned out to be rather fun.

TheUselessWeb has a vast reserve of useless websites to link to, and every click will take you to a different website, so you can easily burn an hour or two with TheUselessWeb.

4. Stuff On My Cat

Yet another self-explanatory name for a website, Stuff On My Cat, is a website that has pictures of cats with stuff on them.

You can generate as many pictures as you want of cats with stuff on them. Sometimes, you might come across a cat with another cat on it, so if you’re a cat person, you’ll probably find a lot of treasures on this website.

And if you’re someone who can spend hours scrolling through cat pictures, the website is likely to take up a couple of hours of your day easily.


LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS is an animated anthology by Netflix. The series has a website of its own, which isn’t any less fun than the show itself. The website is just as weird, though. And if the show blew your mind in certain episodes, you should expect the same from the website.

For starters, you are unlikely to understand what the website wants you to do. But by the time you’ve reached the end, you’ll understand that it was just pulling your leg.

To be fair, it is fitting for the series to have a useless website like that. That said, unlike other websites on this list, this one isn’t anything amateur or too 90s.

The website is a very clever representation of the show and is likely to give you a good sense of what you should expect from the show. As such, the website might actually be called a successful marketing endeavour.

Yet, it can’t exactly be called useful either since it doesn’t exactly provide any information about the show.

6. Always Judge a Book by its Cover

This website has a good bit of absolutely absurd books, such as “How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack”. In the un-likelihood that someone should find any of these titles helpful, they are welcome to buy a copy from Amazon or Kindle.

The website is basically saying that these books sound exactly as they are. But if you’re a collector or like reading oddly specific books, you might find this website to be rather useful.

In most other cases, the website mostly has useless books.

If you’re looking for books to avoid reading, perhaps the website will prove handy for you.

7. Tiiime

If you’re someone who binge-watches shows all day, you might want to visit this useless website. Tiiime lets you calculate the amount of time it’ll take for you to finish a show.

Of course, it isn’t accurate and doesn’t take your connection speed into consideration.

The website lets you add up the watch time for multiple TV shows, so you can see exactly how many hours you’ll be wasting away.

That about sums up what the website will help you do, making it pretty useless. But if you want to surprise yourself by measuring the hours of your life that you’ve spent watching TV shows, you might want to give it a try. You’ll only get an estimate, but if you find it interesting, Tiiime can help you.


With NOIYS, you can write and publish a message that will be deleted in 24 hours. Although the website serves no purpose and most of the messages are absolute garbage, you can still use it to possibly start a conspiracy theory.

Since anonymity has attracted so many Internet dwellers, NOIYS isn’t altogether a bad option if you’ve got some revelations to make.

At the end of the day, there’s no way to know how many users read your message or if there aren’t only 4 people on the website sending messages back and forth meaninglessly.

If the prospect sounds amusing to you for, say, 15 seconds, you might want to give this website a try.

9. Weird or Confusing

Weird or Confusing is another website like Always Judge a Book by its Cover. Instead of books, the website sells pretty much all other weird and confusing things.

If you manage to like something on the website, you can buy it from Amazon.

Odd stuff like instant underpants, dehydrated water, tortilla blankets, and a lot more mind-boggling inventions can be found on the website and bought from Amazon.

In most cases, you’ll find completely useless stuff on the website. But if you want to take a look at all the weird stuff on sale in the world, you might want to head over to this website.

10. Click the Red Button

Click the Red Button is another website like TheUselessWeb that takes you to absurd websites across the Internet.

They have some of their own projects, such as Trip to Mars, which is just a shuttle flying for a long time, or Guess The Pixel Flag in which you guess the pixel flag.

There are many more random websites you’ll be taken to. The one common feature they all share is creativity and uselessness. So if you have some time to kill and see weird things, you might want to Click The Red Button.


When it comes to useless websites, the list is way too long. And while these websites are all useless, they also show the creativity and innovation of ideas. And if for nothing else, these websites play a crucial role in preserving art on the web.

You can visit these websites to brainstorm ideas for your own projects or simply to kill some time. While you’re browsing these websites, do make sure you aren’t frolicking around on websites that aren’t secure. Don’t download or enter any data on websites that are compromised.

As long as you are careful, these useless websites do nothing to harm you.



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